Thursday, January 13, 2011

Assorted thoughts for Thursday

Instead of a long, maybe-coherent post, here are some things that have been on my mind today:

  1. We keep the dog's food in the same cupboard where we keep paper bags, which we fill with recyclables. Every time I open the door to get out a bag, the dog gets psyched. I pretend he's really into nature and the earth and shit, and is all, "Yeah! Recycling!"
  2. These arrived on my doorstep today. Looks like I'll be wearing my new jeggings soon!
  3. I'm eating leftover guacamole (oh, did I forget to tell you I make the best guacamole in the world? Not bragging - just facts), but we only had the shattered remains of a bag of tortilla chips to eat it with. Soon I will abandon the chips-as-vehicle and use a spoon, dipping it first into the guac and then into the chip crumbs, like you do with mashed potatoes and corn.
  4. Each week my local newspaper publishes the names of babies born in area hospitals. To help inspire the Kid and Brian, I've been reading this section and highlighting some great choices for them to consider. This week's favorites include:
    • Da'Mark
    • Jaycub
    • MicKaylah Jewelle
    • Haze
    • Nik'Kole
    • Antwan De'Antoney (I especially like that this is two versions of the same name)
    •  For twins: Lamari Bra'janique and Lamar Bry'Shon
    • Jo'nalys
    • Shawnbrielle Elegence
    • A'Mari Janae'
    • Kyn'lee
4B. Now, I love the idea of a unique name, but I absolutely hate the idea of misspelling your kid's name. Like Jaycub up there. Poor kid will never have his name spelled right on the first try, and it makes his parents look illiterate. Similarly, it's rare that an apostrophe belongs in a name. There are a very few examples - I knew a kid named Jamez, pronounced "JAH-mezzzzz," and an apostrophe might have helped there (maybe not) - but usually it is just another thing to be messed up by anyone trying to spell the name FOREVER. Oh, and in Janae' up there, I think the parents thought an apostrophe is the same thing as an accent-aigu (é).

...That's all I got, y'all. Not an exciting day, really.

Thoughts on "unique" spellings/weird names? Examples of real-life people you have met with bizarre names or spellings? Please share!


    1. I will go ahead and speak for everyone when i say that pretty much all of the names you just listed are kinda awful. I think that "Jaycub" takes the cake though. I'm with you--I absolutely can't stand when people complicate simple names with goofy spellings. Did you hear that Jamie Oliver recently named his baby boy "Buddy Bear"? Unforgivable!

      In high school, I knew sisters who were named Lemonjello and Orangejello but they were pronounced "Lamongelo" and "Ore-angelo".

    2. Yes! Jamie Oliver also has a daughter named Poppy Honey. What a weird guy. I feel like using any of the names I listed would be a jerky thing to do to a kid.