Friday, January 14, 2011

Hooray for weekends!

Photograph by Igor Sinitsyn
Yay! Another weekend! I have from now until Sunday night to accomplish the following tasks:

1. Make this amazing spiced chai concentrate. Really. That's its name. I need to get cardamom and star anise  and then I am good to go. I loved chai so much!
2. Find out the name of the stain our friend used on the dresser she refinished for us. We are one step closer to having new bedroom furniture (see Numbers 2 and 3), in that we have a new-to-us sleigh bedframe and two nightstands in the garage, waiting for us to get the right color!
3. Waterproof my new boots to make them more wearable in upstate New York winters. Correction: ask Andy to waterproof them for me.
4. Read through Brave New Knits and decide what to make next. After I rip out the wrap I'm making and start over without the yarn doubled, and after my tennis elbow dies down. In the three weeks before it has to be back at the library. Totally reasonable.
5. Make and eat some delicious pancakes.
6. Spend, like, two hours reading through the thirty-nine entries in my Google Reader (I just started following some new blogs, so I have to see if they're worth staying subscribed to!).
7. Spend the Gap/Old Navy gift card I got for Christmas.

I know it seems grueling, but I think I'm up to it!

What are your big plans? Anyone else make a list of things to accomplish this weekend?

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