Monday, January 17, 2011

Scorecard: Monday

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Good things:
+ Got up ten minutes early (read: on time instead of hitting snooze twice), so I had time for an everything bagel with cream cheese and a glass of orange juice for breakfast (typical breakfast is cereal if I have time, or a donut if I don't).
+ Instead of coffee, brought some fucking awesome homemade chai to work.
+ It was too cold to dress like a normal human being, so I'm wearing a ridiculous wool sweater. It's one of those sweaters knit somewhere like the Andes by some indigenous people, and it features whales apparently drawn by people with a very limited knowledge of aquatic life. The artist seems to have though that whales expel air bubbles (or smoke?) like cartoon trains do.
+ My work best friend left an excellent chocolate bar on my desk before I got in.
+ Several people took today off, so my usual Monday meeting was cancelled.
+ Date night (events TBA) with Andy tonight!

Not-as-good things:
- I had to work on a legal holiday. Again. Still getting used to being at work when banks and libraries are closed.
- I used Andy's travel mug for my chai (my travel mug is FOR BLACK COFFEE ONLY), and right towards the end of my delicious drink, some weird particle ended up in my mouth. Most likely it was just orange zest, but Andy is slightly less fanatical than I am about cleanliness, so I spent the morning imagining the normal digestion sounds coming from my abdomen were food poisoning and imminent vomit. 

How is your day measuring up? Did you have to work? 

P.S. You can use "Imminent Vomit" for a band name if you want.

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