Saturday, January 15, 2011

I hate it when that happens.

So I went to the public market this morning, by myself because Andy was doing something fancy to his mom's car. I loaded up my reusable shopping bag with all sorts of awesome produce, and I had an empanada, and I headed home to work on some of that stuff I wanted to get done today.

On the way home, I hit a bump (not even a big one!) and my goddamn muffler fell off. The bracket or whatever that holds it on snapped, and when it fell it twisted funny and cracked the seal where it connects up near the engine. I was about three miles from home and it seemed to drag less when I went faster, so I decided to try to make it home.

Then I got pulled over by a cop, who was quite nice about it but told me I couldn't drive the car like that. So I called AAA, then sat on the side of the road for a fucking hour in 19° weather waiting for the tow truck (without the car running, because of the cracked seal that made me pretty sure my car was filling with exhaust and I was going to die of carbon monoxide poisoning). Then we dropped the car off and Andy and I spent six hours in strip-mall heaven waiting for the car guys to charge us $430.

 I did read through all the posts in my Google reader, though. Glad I've got a smartphone. My fingers were numb by the end of it.

Brb, drinking all the beers in the world.

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