Saturday, January 8, 2011

Grabby hands

Because I'm not interested in thinking right now (thanks, hangover!), here is a list of shit that I am interested in owning, particularly SOON.

1. The Fisticup. How much more badass would I look in my department meetings if my mug were also a weapon? Andy and I both almost got this for the other for Christmas.

2. Knitting 24/7 by Veronik Avery. I've mentioned this before, asked for it for Christmas, and am going to end up buying it for myself.

3. Target's faux-Frye Katherine boots in black. I've worn my brown ones until the heels wore down, I love them so much. But the brown ones do not go with my black jeggings (yes, I have a pair of jeggings; no, black and brown do not match, thank you very much), so this is a perfect excuse to get a new pair of boots!

4. A fucking feather mohawk. I'm planning to go to a couple of shows this month - some bands I really like are playing in my city - and I would seriously love to wear this thing. Also, I haven't showered yet today, so my hair looks a little like this right now.

5. Bones, Season Three (and Four!). I got Seasons One, Two, and Five for Christmas. What am I going to watch between Seasons Two and Five??

Anything you've been lusting after lately?

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