Monday, January 24, 2011


Imagine this sweater but with a plain front, no buttons, no belt.
I'm going to let you in on a secret. The sweater I'm wearing today (see above) is usually worn as a bathrobe-type thing. It's from L.L. Bean, approximately eight years old, it's enormous and kind of shapeless and 100% wool, and I've used it so much around the house that until last night it was covered in pills.

But it's FREAKING COLD here right now, so while we watched a movie yesterday I de-pilled it, and threw it on this morning over some jeggings and two shirts. You do what you have to to stay warm. Plus, it actually looks pretty cute. I'm kind of sad that this is maybe the third time I've worn this thing out of the house.

So tonight we're going to eat leftover corned beef and all the fixings - because I made a freaking amazing dinner yesterday - and watch movies and curl up on the couch. Did you know that a dog makes an even better blanket than a blanket does?

What are you doing to keep warm? If it's not icy where you are, please send me warm thoughts!

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