Thursday, December 30, 2010

Resolutions or whatever

I don't know why this picture was on their site, but I figure they can use the traffic.
Do you set New Year's resolutions? Sometimes I do, but usually I don't bother because they just make me feel crappy when I don't meet them. This is most often because the goals I tend to set are not measurable: things like "be more assertive at work" or "be less judgmental of strangers" or "lose some weight" make it impossible to know when they've been achieved. So this year, I am trying something new.

Have you all seen those "[number of things] before [age]" lists going on around these internets? Most of the time I've seen them as "30 before 30" lists, but there are other examples and stuff - search "30 before 30" or whatever in google if you're interested. My list this year is a combination of that idea and a list of resolutions. I was going to make it "11 things in 2011," but then I got carried away, so the list has 14 things so far. All of these are things that will be great to look back at and say, "Man, I'm glad I got that taken care of."

So without further ado, here are the things I plan to accomplish in 2011. (They are broken into three categories for your convenience, but in no particular order within those categories.)

House and home
1. Redo upstairs bathroom (this is being made possible by some extra money from Christmas; "redo" for us means repaint and maybe redecorate, not renovate or anything).
2. Finally attach headboard to bedframe, as it has just been leaned against the wall behind the bed for about TWO YEARS.
3. Get new nightstands, as ours are about six inches too short for our tall bed, which pisses me off on a near-daily basis.
4. Repaint the crappy job we did with cut-in in the living room.
5. Get our kitchen knives professionally sharpened.
6. Host a fancy dinner party (dress-up clothes [costumes?] required).
7. Take at least two weekend trips with Andy.
8. Visit friends in NYC and Boston at least once each (can be combined with #7!).
9. Go camping and enjoy it (my current feelings on camping will no doubt be revealed here at length; I'm sure there are ways to do it that are not awful, and #9 is about finding one of those ways). 
10. Relearn to drive standard (I learned to drive on a standard ten years ago, then promptly forgot how).
11. See a dermatologist and learn how to better care for my specific skin.
12. Somewhat related to #11: Investigate laser hair removal (because bikini-area maintenance is absolutely my least favorite beauty-thing, and I have sensitive skin so I don't know if laser shit is okay with that).
13. Complete Couch to 5K (I've started three times and quit, for various reasons, after Week Four each time).
14. With Andy's help, nail down the design of my next tattoo, then get said tattoo.

What about you? Do you have a life-list or a 25-before-25 or a 50-before-50 or even a single resolution? I'd love to hear 'em all.

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