Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm a delicate flower.

I look just like this, except the "looking like this" part. Image via
  • I have not shaved my legs in just over two weeks.
  • I picked at an ingrown hair in my calf a little while ago until the hair inside shot out like an alien being.
  • I have a huge zit under my lower lip, and, improbably, another on on the back of my goddamn neck. The neck one is big enough that it made wearing a necklace uncomfortable yesterday.
  • I have onion breath and gas from eating Chipotle for lunch.
  • Got home from work and changed from a dress, stockings, and heels into an old college t-shirt, yoga pants, and ridiculous, knee-high, felt-lined Christmas socks.
  • Gonna get half-sloppy on wooly mittens before my husband gets home from his super-shitty day at work, and see if he wants to do it.
  • Chances of success: pretty low.

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