Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taking advantage of the quiet

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My sister and brother-in-law are off surprising his family for the evening, so I'm at home, watching The Santa Clause and starting my Christmas cards. Our dogs (Andy and I have one, and Nikki and Brian have one) are hanging out seeing who can be the first to lose a tooth by chomping too hard on a bone. It's a cozy little picture. I think it's funny to send out weird, sentimental, sappy cards that would be appropriate coming from your maiden aunt, so this year I scored a giant box of weird ones from Dollar General. I pretty much write all the cards, because Andy doesn't care even a little if we don't send them. I think it's fair that if I care if we send them, I get to do the work.

As soon as Andy gets home I'm going to have some Italian lemon cookies for dessert. That's the same general idea pictured above, but putting sprinkles on them is some bullshit for sure and we always tinted our frosting red and green. Man, are they good. We've had these every single year since I was a kid, despite being 0% Italian on either side, and I nicked a whole bunch when we were at my mom's house last night. They are especially good with a cup of tea. Do yourself a favor and try that recipe. And don't put any sprinkles on.

What's your favorite childhood Christmas cookie? What's a lovely more recent find?

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