Friday, December 10, 2010

In the spirit of the season

Do you all love toothpaste for dinner too?
Here is a list of things I will always hate:
  1. The dust at the end of a bag of cereal.
  2. Drying off with a cold, clammy towel.
  3. Bell peppers (but this is because I have a sensitivity to them).
  4. Sausage (because it is the most disgusting food ever).
  5. The feeling of sand between my toes.
  6. Having to walk through slush (happens for five months a year where I live).
  7. Movie adaptations that are unfaithful to the book.
  8. Cars that cut out in front of me and then slow down, especially when there's plenty of room behind me.
  9. The fact that I repeat myself, often, because I have a shitty memory when it comes to interactions with other human beings, but that I can memorize chunks of dialogue the first time I see a movie.
  10. Genocide.

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