Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quick post because I'm an exciting lady.

This is what I'm knitting. Image via
This is going to be a short one, because I'm an important and busy person. I have a rushed schedule of watching Bones on DVD, working on my first knitting project for myself in months, and getting fancy to go out to a new restaurant (warning: sound!) for dinner with some awesome friends.

Regarding the restaurant, you'd think that as someone who was a vegetarian for ten years (no joke), I'd appreciate all the vegetarian/vegan options on their menu. But you'd be wrong, because I'm in the top ten picky eaters I know, so I just look at things like buffalo-spiced tempeh and pickled onions and vanilla bean tofu pudding and go, "Oh, that's nasty."

Also, sometimes I'm sad for you guys that this isn't a fashion blog, because I look awesome today. So, you know, too bad for you, or whatever.


  1. Buffalo spiced tempeh sounds AMAZING! (Can you tell that I'm also a vegetarian?! :D )

  2. I've had Buffalo tofu before, which was pretty good, but since I've started eating meat again (which is a story for another post) I find I prefer the texture of real meat almost every time. I will say that I did try both the chicken and the seitan versions of the "cigarillos" appetizer, and the seitan was pretty close in taste!