Thursday, February 24, 2011

Various updates

1. The dog meeting went really well! Rooster usually seems to think he's an alpha dog (even though he weighs 30 pounds) right up until the other dog looks at him, at which point he hides behind me or Andy, but he and the possible-new-dog sniffed each other and wagged their tails then went on about getting petted. It was seriously the best introduction to any other dog I've seen with Roo since we got him three years ago. Now it's even harder to not get my hopes up that the new guy comes home with us.

2. I realized yesterday that it was three years ago this week that we got Rooster from the pound. I was teaching at the time, and had the week off for February break, so I went and looked at dogs while Andy had to work. Weird.

3. My yarn is still kind of a mess.

4. The Kid's pregnancy is going really well! She's having a girl (did I tell you that yet?). She sends me occasional pictures of her baby bump, which is getting big, and frequent texts about how much she wants to kill her neighbors for playing rap music too loud in the middle of the day. I don't think the pregnancy hormones are doing anything for her patience levels. I can't wait until she's back on this coast!

5. I'm really, really hoping that Andy will finish the spackling today or tomorrow so we can paint the upstairs bathroom this weekend!

What's up with you-all? Also, please suggest a name for the sweetest dog in the world!

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  1. Oh, I am terrible with names. Not with remembering people's names but with naming things. I hope you get the new dog.