Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lovely lazy day

...for me, at least. Andy's upstairs spackling, but I'm on the couch with a library book, the newest issue of Glamour (what? Fashion is awesome.), and awesome Saturday programming on PBS. So far, I've watched Ask This Old House, The New Yankee Workshop, Ciao Italia, and Lidia's Italian Kitchen. I think The Victory Garden is up next.

It's snowing outside - sometimes just a dusting and almost sunny, sometimes huge gusts of wind and heavy, thick snow. But I've got a thick sweater and a hand-knitted blanket (the first I ever made! I made it for Andy as a Christmas present when we were dating. He told me he had no idea I could do anything that complicated.) and a snuggly dog who needs a haircut.

Later, we're going to eat leftover pizza and watch Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Wonder if it matters that I've never seen the first one? And I'm planning to get through a lot more of my current knitting project so I can wear it at least once before it's too warm outside!

What awesome weekend plans are you working on? Anyone want to share budget-V-Day ideas?

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