Friday, February 25, 2011

This and that

So I finally finished my first just-for-me knitting project in a long time! It's so warm and comfy, and it's just like wearing a security blanket all day. The only problem is, it's kind of big and cape-ish, so I think I may have looked like Dharma's mom, Abby, from Dharma and Greg (that's her above). I shared this fear with Andy, who pointed out that I wasn't wearing any crystals or patchouli, so I should have been just fine.

It snowed ten inches in my city today, and my new car doesn't have an auto-starter OR a snow brush. Oops. Today I was the asshole scraping my windshield with my mittens. But I'm still better than the asshole who cut me off because he hadn't bothered to scrape his rear window. Seriously, if you drive in a snowy climate and don't clean your rear window or your mirrors, you're an asshole. That's all there is to it.

In regards to not getting my hopes up about the new dog, I'm searching Craigslist for crates for him. Also, new name suggestions include Chainsaw, Ferdinand, Rumpelstiltskin, and Emily Dickinson (who, for the record, is one of my least favorite poets. I'd sooner name him Sylvia Plath. Or Chaucer.). If we don't get that little guy (I HOPE WE DO!), we're going to check out an adoption event in our town tomorrow afternoon.

Tonight we're going out to celebrate a friend's birthday, which is going to be fun. I've been doing this thing where I don't drink beer during the week. I really like beer, a lot, so it used to be that I'd have one with dinner. But I really like good beer, like Sam Adams and Killians and Dundee, which is absolutely not light beer. So in an effort to really do things right for my body, I cut out booze during the week. It's been going pretty well. And it means that by Friday night, the word "beer" makes me start salivating.

Any thoughts on names for this guy? Any thoughts on beer? What are you up to this fine weekend?

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