Thursday, February 10, 2011

On February being blah

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February is not my favorite month. Really, all it has going for it is that it's short, and that when you're a student (or a teacher!) you get a week off in the state I live in. But even that is a mixed blessing: traditionally, February break is held on what's typically the coldest week of the year, to save the state and districts the costs of heating the school during that time. No joke.

February in upstate New York tends to swing back and forth between the mid-30s and the lower teens. Yesterday it was 36°; today it's 16°. So it thaws, resulting in massive amounts of disgusting slush (my least favorite part of winter), then the slush freezes solid and slippery and makes walking anywhere dangerous. And heaters are still running full blast, so my skin is all tight and itchy and in desperate need of more attention than my three-minute-long, scalding hot shower every morning. 

Usually, Valentine's Day means at least one fancy night hanging out with Andy, but we just bought a car, so our entertainment budget is a lot closer to $0.00 than $FANCY DINNER. And it's so freaking cold here that I don't particularly want to get gussied up to spend my evening at McDonald's and the dollar theater. I know we can cook a nice meal for ourselves and watch a movie at home, but then how is it different from, say, any given Tuesday around here?

So I'm looking for some pick-me-ups. I'm thinking maybe some fancy new homemade bath products or a new accessory or even just some lovely pictures to daydream over, instead of eating leftovers and sitting in my cold house.

What do you do to perk yourself up in February? Suggest anything! (Please, for the love of Pete, suggest something.)

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