Saturday, February 26, 2011

Adventures at the pound

Sad face: we didn't end up getting that new dog. We got to the pound early and everything, but Numbers 1 and 2 from the list were already there. So he got to go home with Number 1, and we started our search over. (And interestingly, the woman we worked with at the pound said she actually thought it was going to come to blows between the people there waiting for him.)

While we were standing in line (which was about twenty minutes deep, for some reason), we struck up a conversation with the people in front of us, who were only there to get paperwork on the puppy they'd recently adopted, but who told us about this very sweet little girl dog who had just been brought in last night. We went to visit with her, and she's freaking cute. She appears to be some sort of Jack Russel/chihuahua mix, except that she wasn't insane. We decided to get on the list for her. The complicating factor is that she is micro-chipped. This means that not only did her owners care enough about her to pay to have her micro-chipped, so they're probably looking for her, but that the pound legally has to notify the owners and then hold her for ten days. She won't be available for adoption till March 9. If no one has claimed her by then, she's ours.

While we were waiting to get on the list for her, they walked by with a dog who looked JUST LIKE ROOSTER. Same weird body shape, same floppy ears, same weird part down his back where his hair is too long. Because we know the chances of someone claiming the little girl are pretty good... we got on the list for the Rooster look-alike too.

I know. I'm a sucker. And it gets worse: he's available on March 3, almost a week before she is, so we could conceivably end up with both. We are Number 2 on his list, so we're actually almost hoping that someone adopts him, so we don't have to pick between them.

We're planning to bring Rooster in on Wednesday for another meet-and-greet with both of them (separately, of course). Man. This is so much more complicated than it first seemed.

Change of subject: without admitting to having watched three episodes of Bones while Andy was at work this morning, I did spend some time today wondering what the forensics team would be able to tell about my life. You know, if I were a dead body and they were trying to piece things together. And if they weren't fictional. I think that show is making me morbid.

What's your weekend like so far? Am I a sucker for signing up for both dogs? Reassure me!

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