Saturday, February 5, 2011

Because Riley asked.

I commented on 1000 Awesome Things that I decorated my cubicle so I didn't have to stare at tan walls, and someone named Riley asked for a picture of it. It's like this except I took down the string of lights because they were really cheap and burned out in like a week. The weird-looking dangly thing in the middle is a string of seashells.


  1. i wish i could get away with doing something like this at work! we have a pretty strict 'clear desk policy'...but we did go all out at christmas (5 trees in one office, excessive?!)


  2. Yeah, my company is pretty laid back about regulating things like what our cubes look like (although I am the only person who has anything like this) and about dress code and stuff. It's pretty cool. I wish we had Christmas trees - I sit close to a bathroom, so I wish I got to smell pine trees instead.