Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Man vs. Wild

From the website where I found that picture: "Who can indulge himself  in danger and eat variety raw meat for sake of enjoyment or pleasure?  Bear Grylls has dare to do so. Here are some of his incredible weirdest eating."
You guys ever watch this show? Now that we have the Netflix, Andy and I watch this crap all the damn time. It's amazing. I know that it's staged and that Bear Grylls, the star/host/whatever, does all sorts of crazy shit that is the opposite of what one should do, and I definitely feel like puking during almost every episode, but I still am secretly happy any time Andy suggests we watch it.

Basically, if you're unfamiliar, this dude, whose name is Bear for some reason, parachutes into dangerous areas. In theory, he shows you how to survive so you can make it out or be rescued, but every episode he's all, "Usually, you would want to stay out of the frigid white-water rapids and try to find another way around, but I'm going to show you what would happen if you tried to make a raft out of some twigs and then floated downstream."

Apparently Grylls is also on his own for finding food, because he eats things that no human should eat, like part of a zebra he found, or a live scorpion. It works out okay to watch the show in the evening, because there is no way I can snack while I'm watching it if I don't want to hurl. I actually thought I really was going to barf during one episode when he bit the head off a snake, pulled the spine and guts out, and then ate the rest of it. Sick.

Ever watch this show? Tell me I'm not alone!


  1. I have watched it, but I swear every time that I will never do it again! And then I do. He's a train wreck - and reminds me of an idiotic ex boyfriend who tried to copy "Jackass" stunts. Les of "Survivorman" is so much awesomer!

  2. I've only seen one episode of Survivorman, and he complained the whole time! It was cold, he was tired, he couldn't sleep, and on and on. If you can assure me it isn't all like that, I'll give it another shot.

  3. I love this show. Deeply. Fully. It surpassed my love of watching Planet Earth and providing voiceovers for varying animals and fungi.