Saturday, March 26, 2011

In a good mood

It is a gorgeous day, all sunshine and fat fluffy clouds! It's still cold, but that's fine, because all I have to do for the next two hours is curl up on the couch and take a nap.

Andy and I made amazing brunch this morning - I made pancakes-the-food, which is pretty typical around here, and Andy made an omelet with big chunks of red onion and corned beef. So, so good. So now I'm full and drowsy and finishing my orange-grapefruit juice, with Pancakes-the-dog curled up next to me, and we both keep yawning.

Later, we're going to a surprise party, then tomorrow we're doing brunch with Andy's folks, then we're going to another birthday party, and on the way to that one we're finally picking up the smashed car.

What are you up to this lovely weekend?


  1. Pancakes the food. That's funny. You'll have to clarify from now on lest someone call animal services.

  2. I actually considered telling the world that I had made flapjacks for breakfast, but I decided that it would make me sound too douchey. Maybe I should have named the dog after a food I don't eat more than once a month.