Monday, March 21, 2011

Two updates and a video

I don't have much today, so here are two brief updates:

1. Pancakes is doing pretty well, and is now obeying commands something like 8% of the time. She obeys "off" every single time, which is great, but she only sits maybe 2% of the times she's told to, so it's a work in progress. We did learn that she's much calmer when she's had a nice long walk. Too bad it's gross out today. Which brings me to update number two:

2. The weather in my city is doing pretty much the same thing the weather does every single March. To hear my coworkers discuss it, you'd think that sunshine and rain and snow and higher temperatures and lower temperatures were all brand-new things. And if we have a thunderstorm, seriously, one of my coworkers gets so excited she doesn't get any work done for an hour. Ugh.

And now, because it's precious and I have nothing more to talk about, here's a video. I think I maybe found it via not martha?

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