Saturday, March 5, 2011

Busy day of doing nothing

Today is the best kind of Saturday.
  • We got up at a reasonable hour. 
  • We met up with some friends at the Public Market (Number One in the country!) for some amazing breakfast and discovered that there's a new French pastry place that has the best pain au chocolate I've had since I was actually in France. 
  • We took a little drive to drop off the smashed car to begin being fixed. 
  • We hung out some more with awesome friends and made a complicated-but-delicious meringue/almond/chocolate buttercream cake thing. It was amazing but maybe not 100% worth four hours' worth of work.
  • We watched some Russell Brand stand-up (verdict: okay) while I made some delicious chai concentrate.
  • We're heading to a birthday event in about twenty minutes, then we might duck out early (we really only know the birthday boy and his cousin) to see The Adjustment Bureau.
How's your weekend so far? Lovely, I hope!

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