Monday, March 7, 2011


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 You know that scene in Office Space where Peter says that every day is the worst day of his life? My job is a little like that this week, but substitute "most boring" for "worst." The Corolla is being fixed for the next eight years, approximately, so Andy and I are carpooling. Andy has much more rigid work hours than I do, so this means that he drops me off around 7:15 or so and picks me up around 5:30 or 5:45.

My usual hours are from 8 to 4.

This has caused massive brain sluggishness and significantly increased levels of boredom.

It's not that my job is awful. It's just that reading legal documents for ten hours tends to turn my brain to a puddle of mush. And it means that all I want after work is a beer, except that I'm not drinking beer during the week, and to curl up on the couch and watch Bones, except that I get home at the same time as Andy and he (pretends he) hates that show, so I only watch it with him when a new episode is airing. So instead, we'll find another truly bad movie to watch on my sister's dime (so far, Worst Movie I've Ever Seen goes to Crank 2, with Hellboy a reasonably close second) and drink a glass of water or some bullshit.

Oh, and I forgot that all of this was happening this week and scheduled a meter read for this afternoon between 4 and 7. You know those gas and electric companies are really reasonable about stuff like that and make it super easy to change your appointment, right? J/K, they're going to charge me $25 if I don't have it read before my next billing cycle begins. Cool.

The really awesomely great part about putting up with this for a while - and I'm being sincere for once - is that I can leave early on Friday, whenever I've hit my 40 hours for the week. So you had better believe I will be baking something outrageously delicious and also watching like nine episodes of Bones, even though scientific research shows that I get creeped out and jumpy after four.

(No news on the dog situation yet. We're working under the assumption that we'll end up with the girl dog on Wednesday, seeing as how I haven't heard from the lady at the pound yet. Further bulletins as events warrant.)

How do you handle a week that will be a total grind? Help!

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