Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christmas in March

Yo, dudes, sorry about no post yesterday. I know y'all are broken-hearted, but I was out being awesome with my husband. We got all fancied up and went out to dinner at a classy steak joint, then went to see The Lion King - I got Andy tickets for Christmas! Have you seen it? It was great. Some notes from the evening:

1. Just because the restaurant is fancy, don't assume that other people are. Yes, we were dressed nicely. No, the woman nearest us in a grey hoodie and Uggs was not. Also not classy: one of her table-mates downed three Jack and Cokes before their appetizer arrived. Cool. The best part was that they were definitely there on some sort of business thing. I betcha the company was covering their meal.
2. I may be eating meat again after a ten-year hiatus, but I'm still not comfortable eating meat that looks like a muscle. Andy's medium-rare steak, while I'm sure it was delicious, looked kind of gross to me. And I didn't even stop eating meat because of that whole "it's a living animal with feelings" thing.
3. Not everyone knows what linguine is. The largest of the work group near us had his companions walk him through the entire menu, describing what "rigatoni" and "fettuccine" and "capillary" meant. Just kidding about the capillaries.

The Play.
1. Just because we are classy, don't assume other playgoers are. There was a guy there, no joke, wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off. I'd say almost 70% of the audience was in jeans. Is there no event people dress up for anymore??
2. Just because a child has seen the movie version of the Lion King, it doesn't mean he's old enough to see the play. The four-year-old behind us spent THE ENTIRE PLAY asking his dad questions. He was cute and otherwise well-behaved, but I paid plenty for those tickets and understood the storyline without the guy's help, you know? I mean, the show didn't end until almost 11. Wouldn't a matinee be more appropriate for the under-ten crowd?
3. Garth Fagan is amazing. He did all the choreography, and his dance company is based in my city! I rode with him in an elevator once, years ago. I told Andy about that yesterday. I remember that Mr. Fagan complimented me on something, but I can't remember what. My guesses were my shoes or whatever book I was holding. Andy paused, and then was like, "You know, it's more likely that your hair was blue, and he complimented you on that. You know that, right?" He's probably right.
4. The guy who played Adult Simba also played Marius in Les Mis on Broadway. He was amazing. I am absolutely biased, because Les Mis is my favorite.

Have you seen Lion King? Do you dress up for evenings like that? Are we the only classy mofos left??

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