Friday, March 11, 2011

What's that? Blogging?

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, dudes. I worked ten hours, then went home and picked up some dogs, then went to my folks' for dinner and all. Today's post is going to kind of suck, too, because I'm being romped on by a puppy right now.

Pancakes is settling in nicely, mostly. She has a fuckton of energy, which means it's hard to get her to concentrate on anything long enough to start reinforcing good behavior. She does know the command "off" already, which is awesome because she likes to jump. A lot.

I'm off to start trying to teach her to sit. And when that inevitably fails, I'm off to look up obedience class information.

Any awesome tricks for high-energy dogs? Rooster was so lazy compared to this girl!

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