Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are you sick of dog posts yet?

This whole dog situation is taking over my life. As a non-dog-lover in general, this is quite disconcerting. I am starting to feel more sympathetic to those people who show you pictures of their pets like they're kids or something. A little. Not much, really, but it's better than the eye-rolling that I did before, right? [For the record, we do not consider ourselves the dog's "mommy and daddy". When we produce a human child, we will be that human child's mommy and daddy. We're the dog's owners. When I tell Rooster to go get something from Andy, I use Andy's name. I cringe when people at the pound refer to me as his mommy. I'm totally okay with my stance on this, and I know haters gonna hate. You can call yourself whatever you want when it comes to your pet, as long as you don't try to apply your standards to me and don't expect me to apply mine to you. Rant over.] [Almost: can we please ban the phrase "fur kids" from ever, ever being uttered again?]

We'll find out this afternoon if Button is ours*, but I don't know if we'd get to take him home even if he is ours, because he's getting neutered today, so they might keep him overnight.

Dog-related texts I've sent today:

1. Important question: If we get the girl dog, can we name her Pancakes?
2. Did I send you a picture of Button after they shaved half of him?
3. He looks like a deranged lion.
4. I forgot to grab the extra leash, so it looks like if he's ours I'll be putting him in the shopping cart at PetSmart like a baby until I get one.
5. Please tell them she's part robot killer, to explain the crazy eyes.
6. We still need a crate and bed and food dish for whichever one we get.

This is probably more dog-related texts than I've sent since we got Rooster three years ago.

*Update: The first person on the list was there. On time. But when she heard that I wanted Button, she wavered. She apparently is the person who found him, wandering in a snowstorm, and got attached, so she signed up for him despite living in an apartment and not being sure if she's ready for another dog (she had to put her very old dog down last year). SO she got my name and number and will let us know if she thinks Button should come live with us. By Wednesday. It's a good thing I'm so good at being patient and stuff, right?

Honest, if you're sick of dog posts, just tell me. One comment confirming that this shit is boring to people who aren't me will mean I'll just let y'all know whenever we end up with one, and leave out the rest. Really.

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  1. Don't stop now. I will be tuning in to find out what her decision will be.