Saturday, November 27, 2010

On holiday shopping

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How do you handle holiday shopping? I've already talked about the great deals I got yesterday, but I wonder how other people go about giving and getting gifts.

What do you do about getting gifts you don't like? Do you keep them, in case the giver ever asks about them? Or do you regift unabashedly? I have gotten some doozies of weird gifts - like last year's kitty stationary (I'm SO not a cat person), or the jello-for-every-holiday cookbook I know I'm getting this year - that just begged to be regifted.

I'm trying a new thing this year: asking specifically for particular items. It's a little weird at first, and it will mean fewer surprises on Christmas morning, but I think perhaps it's worth it if I end up getting presents I won't either donate or be confused about.

For the record, the kitty stationary was a top gift at last year's white elephant gift exchange. And the jello book is looking like a strong contender for this year!

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