Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two dilemmas

1. On my lunch break today I ran errands: specifically, I had to get gas and go to the library. On my way to get gas, I passed a truck on the side of the road. About a quarter-mile further, I passed its owner, a 60-something-year-old man, trudging along with a gas can on a busy road, thumb stuck out hopefully.

I didn't stop for him. I still feel awful about this. The poor old guy. And I was literally on my way to a gas station, less than two miles down the road. I did see a cop heading his direction, and the truck wasn't there on my way back to work, so I hope everything worked out fine.

2. Everyone on my "team" at work has a goal of editing ten pages an hour on a good day. Obviously this doesn't always happen. Today I realized that I had already edited 80 pages for the day and still had 42 minutes. Should I have started a new task, raising the bar perhaps uncomfortably high? Or should I have spent the 42 minutes looking at the Talbots Holiday Look Book?

I guess only one of these stories had a happy ending. Since when does Talbots look really awesome? I would wear 70% of the stuff in there.


  1. i think u should have spent the last 42 min looking at the Talbots lookbook :)...i'm always a fan of fashion-inspired procrastination...

  2. Nailed it! So many sparkly looks to admire.