Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday travel

Warning: This post is probably pretty boring.

I'm planning a trip to New York City next month, so I can pretend I'm in Home Alone 2, and I'm wondering about this whole new scanning/pat-down thing. The airports I'll be flying in AND out of have the new machines, and I'm pretty sure I'm not cool signing off on the government seeing me naked. (Find out if your airport has a backscatter full-body scanner here.)

I do have the option of taking a train for slightly less money, but that takes six hours or more, and I'm only going for a few days, so I can't decide if it's the trade-off in time.

The options, as far as I can tell, are:
A. Fly ($158 round trip if I buy right now). Take three hours each way, at most, not including airport time. Either let someone see an image of my naked body or have an invasive physical pat-down.
B. Take a train ($138 round trip). Take seven hours each way, at least.
C. Take a Greyhound bus ($100 round trip). Take eight hours or leave before 5am.

UGH. Anyone have to get one of those pat-downs? Do you think it's a violation of your right to avoid unreasonable search, or are people just making a big fuss over nothing?

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