Thursday, November 25, 2010

Obligatory Holiday Post

I really like roasted marshmallows. Always have. So about seven years ago, Andy's grandma made sweet potatoes with pineapple and other stuff, topped with marshmallows, especially for me at Thanksgiving. The thing is, I hate sweet potatoes. They are the worst. And to me, pineapple is not a food that belongs on the holiday table. But Grandma was old, and it was nice of her to remember I liked marshmallows, so I pretended I loved 'em, and always thanked her and everything.

Every year for the last seven years, there have been fucking sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pineapple on the table for EVERY HOLIDAY. Easter. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year's. And every year, I've pretended to like them. My trick is to take a big scoop that's mostly marshmallow, with a thin layer of sweet potato, then flip it onto my plate so it looks like a big scoop of potato, then eat from the bottom and get mostly mallow.

So Andy's grandma passed away last year, and I thought I'd finally be free of the sweet potatoes.

We went to Andy's uncle's house for Thanksgiving dinner today, and his uncle's girlfriend made me sweet potatoes, because she knew how much I loved them when Grandma made them. She even spent half an hour at the store trying to find the mini-marshmallows for the top.

So this year, I'm thankful for being honest and admitting that I hate sweet potatoes, and for hopefully never having to pretend to like another sweet potato.

Although it did mean that I had Andy's mom and his uncle's girlfriend razz me ALL EVENING about the goddamn sweet potatoes. If I don't have to see them next month, it'll all be worth it.

What're you grateful for this year?

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