Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I am good at and also not so good at.

Things I am good at:
Eating more junk food than is appropriate
Telling long stories that sometimes have a point, but mostly don't
Memorizing chunks of  movie dialogue the first time I see a movie
Hanging out with kids - seriously, any gathering where there are children, they will find me and be ready to hang out within four minutes of my arrival.

Things I am not so good at:
Giving a shit if my lawn is 90% covered in leaves
Eating a balanced diet for more than three days in a row
Remembering that I've already told you that story. Twice. Since yesterday.

It's rainy outside, so my evening will be spent knitting and baking pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies and watching Season 5 of The Office on DVD, instead of using a snow shovel to clear up some of the leaves in my backyard like I did yesterday.

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