Friday, November 19, 2010


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This was a weird week for me. Monday and Tuesday were grumpy, Wednesday was great, yesterday and today were somewhere in between. Most of it boils down to a situation at work that I'm stressing over: it seems a customer was taken to task by her supervisor and tried to blame mistakes she made on me (when my work was 100% accurate). This means I've spent lots of time explaining the situation to senior employees in my department and my boss, and I'll be "sitting in on" a meeting with the customer (and the person who did the taking-to-task) in a few weeks. But I'm a worrier, to put it very mildly, so every I email I send about this stupid thing makes me more and more anxious.

So! Super glad to be done with that nonsense for a few days, and that next week is a short week with a lovely holiday.

Tonight we're going out to dinner with good friends, and Google has me pretty well convinced that the restaurant we're planning to go to is closed. So it looks like we'll be having an adventure this evening!

What are your tricks to defeat a week like that? How do you handle stress at work?

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