Sunday, November 21, 2010

2010 gift guides

The husband and I like to spend Sunday mornings in our pjs eating pancakes and reading the paper. This week we started trying to figure out Christmas presents for family: his parents, my parents, my siblings and their spouses, his sister, his other sister and her boyfriend. So far, we have all of one present purchased! Andy hates going to the mall and wandering around without specific items in mind, so I'm spending some time looking at gift guides online today for inspiration. Here are a few I've found helpful:

1. Karmaloop Women's Holiday 2010 Gift Guide. Really, this one's for me. None of the ladies I'm related to are overly girly, so I'm left coveting the Triangle Ring from the "Jingle Bell Rock" guide and half the stuff on the pink one.

2. Treehugger's 2010 Guides. Ten different guides to choose from with at least ten items per list - that's over 100 ideas! I'm thinking I'll find something appropriate for almost everyone on my list, and every item is earth-friendly.

3. 8 Etsy Shops With Great Gift Ideas. One of Real Simple's holiday guides. Hooray for supporting independent artisans!

4. Design Mom's Gift Guide: Cozy. Two of our sets of recipients have moved or will move recently, so what better to give than a nice, cozy make-it-feel-like home gift? (I can't wait for the rest of Gabrielle's guides!)

What gift guides do you get inspired by? Please share, so I can start crossing names off this list!


  1. I like Etsy and Real Simple too. I actually did find an idea for one gift in Vanity Fair.

  2. Ahh! Those pillows are so great! I had no idea Vanity Fair did a gift guide - probably because I subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens instead of any magazines for twenty-somethings. Oh, and is it just me, or is the Real Simple guide awful to read online? Looks like there's some time sitting in a Barnes and Noble cafe, getting to know that guide, in my future very soon!