Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today is weird.

A list.
  • I had celebrated the return of cooler weather by neglecting to shave my legs for approximately three weeks. Decided to wear a skirt today. Used Andy's beard and mustache trimmer to attack these babies, only to discover halfway through leg one that he had apparently shaved this morning and the thing had almost no charge. Used it anyway, just in slow-motion.
  • Had to attend a harassment seminar at work (company-wide thing). Turns out harassment is shitty behavior motivated by a bias against a particular legally protected status: so your boss can be a total dick, but as long as he's a dick to everyone, it's not harassment, typically. 
  • A coworker who had been out on medical leave for three months came back to work today. She sits a few desks away from me, so I got to hear EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION she had with EVERYONE IN THE BUILDING who wanted to welcome her back.
  • I had to drive half an hour to get a shot. Little-known fact: I hate getting shots. (I hate having blood taken even more.) I had to get a TB test as part of my physical to become a foster parent, but I forgot the paperwork they needed to fill out which reminded me about the TB test, so I neglected to get one on Thursday with the rest of my physical. SO. You have to have the test "read," so I drove half an hour each way on Thursday, then today, then I'll do it again on Friday. Cool.
  • I have Pints and Purls tonight at 7, and I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to try to eat something here before I leave the house in an hour or if I should just order food there.
  • I don't know which knitting to bring yet. If Andy's coming with me, I'll work on the sweater my mom requested for Christmas, but if Andy stays home, I'll work on the fancy scarf I'm making him.
  • I am still fighting the beginnings of a cold, so I want to go to bed early. Going to a pub to knit and hang out with my friends means it's unlikely this will happen.
Reassure me that I'm not the only sissy chicken baby who hates shots! You can see the goo going into your SKIN! 


  1. I don't mind in theory - but I find myself getting woozy for stuff I laugh at other people for having issues with (like the glaucoma test makes me almost pass out/puke every time, as does getting blood drawn).

  2. That's why you LOOK AWAY girlfriend! :)

  3. I look away every time, but the last time I got blood drawn the nurse had to make me unclench my fist so I wouldn't dig my nails through my palm. My hands get so cold, and my face starts to sweat - I'm such a baby. The Kid told me yesterday that the nurses took a joking comment her husband made while she was in labor seriously, and insisted that he sit down every time she got any shot of any kind. He was fine, but apparently they've had lots of macho husbands insist they're fine then pass out!