Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fostering: we're getting closer!

Last night was the last of our ten foster classes! Hooray!

We have already had two home visits and have our final one scheduled for about two weeks from now, which will give us time to do all the little last-minute stuff, like put a smoke detector downstairs and return a borrowed kerosene heater to my parents (we can't have it in the house). And before we left class last night, Andy took a minute to explain to our caseworker exactly what our fireplace is and asked if we really needed a certificate of non-use (since we still don't know what that is) if it isn't actually any more capable of burning things than a candle is. She said we don't, so I'm really relieved that I don't have to have the fire department come inspect what is essentially a wooden box.

Our worker told us that we're the only ones in her group of our class (so about ten people) who have all of our stuff in order. She was still waiting on the results of our physicals, so I called the doctor's office today to get the forms faxed, since I don't trust that they would actually mail them right away. So after our home inspection, she should have everything she needs to complete her part of our homestudy, which will then go to her supervisor for review and final approval, and then we'll be certified!

She also told us last night that she had a group of people who were certified in April and May but that none of them have had a placement yet, so that is a little bit of a relief. We throw a seriously awesome Halloween party every year but were a little scared to schedule it this year, because in our very first information session, the foster dude told us how he'd gotten a placement on his very first day of being certified. I guess it's nice to know we're more likely to have some breathing room.

It's pretty cool to be almost done with the certification process, though.

What questions do you dudes have? Anything you want to know about the process that I haven't said?

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