Friday, September 9, 2011


I am currently finding myself in what has become a novel situation indeed: Andy and I don't really have anything planned for this weekend. Oh, yes, there are things that need doing, but we haven't scheduled any of them.

The lawn needs mowing, badly. The sunroom needs to be painted by the end of the month. I'd really like to paint the guest/foster-kid's room (it's currently yellowish pine paneling, which I don't love). The front garden needs mulching, and the bricks we put down for a new garden still need to be mortared in place. But I'm trying to pretend none of that is waiting, so I can enjoy just doing nothing for right now.

My current plan for tonight, which of course is subject to change at any second, is to read the new L.L. Bean catalog that came yesterday (weird fact about me: I absolutely love to flip through catalogs of all kinds, but never order anything out of them), make some applesauce to can, try a new-to-us pizza joint around the corner, then settle in with my knitting and watch Good Hair, the Chris Rock documentary about African-American hair. Maybe I'll end it with a luxurious bubble bath and a book (I'm reading The Dirty Life and I have to say, I'd hate to live with a guy like Mark).

In all likelihood, what will happen instead is that Andy will get home from work and tell me we do in fact have plans and we'll head out to a diner or bar to meet up with some friends, and the documentary won't get watched until Monday night, which will be the next time we'll have an hour and a half without something to do.

Which do you prefer, planned or spontaneous? What are your evening plans?

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