Saturday, September 10, 2011

Domestic day

So far today, some granola just came out of the oven, there's applesauce processing in the stockpot, and I have some organic pumpkin puree waiting to be turned into cookies.

Just so you get a more clear picture of what this is actually like, I never can guess how much things will cook down, so I sterilized a dozen pint jars and am going to end up with six pints, so I have six jars that will have to be re-sterilized when I actually end up using them, plus there are dirty dishes all over the counter, because I removed them from the dishwasher so the jars would all fit. I burned the crap out of two of my fingers when I put a jar in the stockpot and the boiling water splashed up around it and got my hand. The kitchen looks like hell. I only got organic pumpkin puree because it was the LAST JAR OF PUMPKIN in the entire store that wasn't pie filling. (What the crap, Wegmans?) Oh, and I just realized that the pot seems to think it's too full, so it's belching water all over the top of the stove. Cool.

So yeah, I'm being all home-maker-y, but also I'm barely keeping it together. After I make the cookies the kitchen is going to be scrubbed, then to celebrate our domesticity (Andy's mowing the lawn right now, to complete the idyllic picture), we're going out for ice cream.

What domestic adventures have you been a part of recently?

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