Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello, Boston!

Hooray! Andy and I are spending the weekend in fancy-pants Boston!

(We have a house-sitter, so please don't get any funny ideas. Not like we have anything worth stealing, but, like, don't try to break into my house and scare the sitter or anything.)

My best friend lives there, and I've tried to visit every year. This is the first time Andy has gone with me, so I'm excited to go visit (and it was one of my goals, so that doesn't hurt!). I've always loved Boston, and even wanted to go to grad school there slash move there forever, so it will be cool to pretend for a few days that that dream worked out, right?

Posting will be light (read: probably nonexistent) while we're gone, so you'll have to comfort yourself by reading me entire archives or something. You should. I do it once in a while, because I have a terrible memory and I often am like, "Oh, right! I did write that!"

Do you love Boston too? What is your favorite, shouldn't-miss thing for me to check out while I'm there?

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