Monday, September 26, 2011


Inspired by this awesome post by Lady Smaggle (which reminded me of that scene with the scar description from the 1995 Olsen Twin classic It Takes Two, I'm not ashamed), here's an inventory of my scars, starting from the bottom and working up:
  • I have a small white scar on my right ankle that I assume is from nicking myself shaving. I don't heal quickly, so small scrapes sometimes leave permanent scars. I can never tell if a scratch will stay on me forever.
  • A shiny, almost-gone-now patch on my right knee from a biking incident when I was 16. I was riding my bike home from karate class with my brother (not kidding) when a guy started backing out of his driveway and almost hit me. I wiped out and shredded my knee pretty nicely. The guy stopped his (red sporty) car, rolled down his window, and asked if I was okay. My "Yeah, totally cool, I don't mind the blood dripping into my sock!" somehow must have sounded sincere instead of the sarcastic I meant, so he drove away, leaving me to bike another mile home with gravel in my knee. That was cool.
  • I have a scar on the bottom of my belly button from a piercing that grew out. I got said belly button pierced when I was 16 (the legal age for piercings in New York) with a dude-friend, who got his done too, and who is now covered in tattoos and further piercings. When I switched from the barbell it was pierced with to a CBR, for some reason it started to scar nicely and eventually grew out. Oh, and my mom discovered the piercing at a family party shortly before it grew out, causing a nice two-week grounding right before the scarring. Nice.
  • A small thin jagged-looking scar on my right index finger from scraping it on the gas-tank door on my old car when filling up my car in February a few years ago. No idea why that scratch left a scar.
  • A puffy, inch-long scar on my right bicep from a freak accident in college. I was visiting friends in Pittsburgh and we were walking to get lunch. We were walking through a vacant lot and a friend was slashing at them with a pocket knife, for some reason. Said knife was new and very sharp but had no grip, and went flying out of my friend's hand and flew threw the air, past three other people, and sliced my arm open. I probably should have gotten a few stitches, but instead we got pizza. It healed sort of open and was red, then pink, and is now the color of the surrounding skin, which is to say very pale. I considered having it treated before my wedding, but decided against it because I like the scar more than I like smearing chemicals on my skin.
  • A very thin white scar just above the left corner of my mouth from when I was a kid. It was Halloween, and I was going trick-or-treating as an old woman. I tripped on my very long dress and went face-first into a bookcase, and cut just above my lip. I had to go trick-or-treating with a bandage on my face, which totally ruined the look. Halloween is right before my birthday, though, so my parents let me open a birthday present early. I swear to you I am not making this up: it was two Troll dolls and a fanny pack with special elastic to hold them. I happily wore the fanny pack (but was pissed about the Band-Aid?), and managed to drop one of the Troll dolls in the dark and remember going back out with my dad and a flashlight to search for it. 
  • Both of my ears have scar tissue from third piercings that I let close up. I was planning to move my orbital piercings that I wore through my bottom two holes up a notch, but I took them out when I was student teaching and never put them back in.
 What about you? What's your best scar story?

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