Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello, home!

We had an awesome time in Boston! I brought knitting and didn't knit a single stitch, and I didn't miss the internet, and I ate really delicious things that were absolutely terrible for me. Now we're home, and I just brought in the newspaper and put my thumb straight onto/into a fucking slug, so I guess things are back to normal?

Our CSA has been giving us apples for weeks, and last week we got our first squash (butternut! yay!), followed by a cabbage and a spaghetti squash this week, so I'm loving all the autumn foods. I was going to celebrate not having plans on a Tuesday night for the first time in ten whole weeks by staying home and roasting some root vegetables and squash, but then our good friends reminded us that a really awesome farmer's market is held tonight, and it's only open for a few more weeks before closing for the season, so we're going to go so I can stock up on homemade natural shampoo bars and also some of the best baked goods I've ever eaten.

I think that's as good a way as any to celebrate, right? Especially as it coincides with dinner time, which will mean I'll have their baked goods for dinner, then probably come home and make an apple crisp for dessert. 

Do you have an awesome, can't-fail recipe for butternut squash that isn't soup? Please share it, because I hate that soup and get tired of just roasting this stuff all the time!

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