Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lovely autumn Saturday

Did I ever tell you that autumn is my favorite season? Well, it is. I hate summer, basically, because I get heat exhaustion really easily, and I don't love winter, because my toes are always cold, and in spring everything is muddy for four months. But autumn? Cooler weather, pretty leaves and mums and cloudy days? That's just wonderful.

I had a really boring post written telling you all about what we're up to today, but it boils down to this: We're hanging out, eating good food, taking care of our home and each other. That's pretty cool, right? Right now it's super windy out so I'm sitting at the kitchen table writing this and watching the leaves and pine needles flying around my backyard and feeling grateful for how awesome my life really is.

Is that too cheerful? I can say more cusswords next time if you like.


  1. Not too cheerful! Awesome! Autumn is The Best. Tis the season for making soup and bread and wearing scarves.