Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More craigslist joy

So you all remember my paranoia about buying that crib mattress off of Craigslist, right? Well, I wasn’t murdered then, but I still remain wary of Craigslist transactions.

On Sunday afternoon, I listed a bunch of landscaping rock on the “free” section of CL. I got, like, fifteen freaking responses. And it turns out, more than being full of creepers, it’s full of lazy people and/or flakes. I’ve had two different people tell me they were on their way to get it and never show up. I even stayed home from going to the bar for football last night, because some stupid lady was supposed to come get it and never did. (I had beer at home, though, so it worked out okay for me.)

This morning I emailed my home address to four people who indicated they were still interested. I assumed I'd get home to find my house destroyed, but at least the rocks would possibly be gone. Turns out they weren't. So I have given at least six people my name and/or address, an idea which is terrifying, because of crazy people, and these fucking rocks are still here.

Oh, and I forgot that I put my phone number in the email I sent to people yesterday, and I was seriously freaked out that I’ve gotten four phone calls today from unrecognized numbers, so I didn’t answer any of them. Turns out I did put my number in there, and asked people to call for the address. Oops.

I'm going to re-post the ad, with the address in it this time, and say that they're down by the curb. I seriously want them gone, and I'm feeling reckless.  

Have you ever been irritated at how difficult it is to give things to strangers? This is crazy.

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