Friday, October 14, 2011

Because pills fix things, right?

So I just took Pancakes to the vet. We were there to have her checked for a UTI, which my sister suggested might be the reason she's been peeing in the house. The vet confirmed that she did have a UTI (way to go, Kid!) and gave us some pills, which should eliminate the peeing-in-the-house nonsense.

I also talked to her about our frustration with her inability to focus on anything. Like I said, she can sit and lay down, but by the time we go to praise her for following the command, she's standing or jumping again. So we got a prescription for something called trazodone, which is basically doggy ritalin. We're supposed to give her half a pill at a time when we need her to chill out and/or focus. I'm hoping it helps calm her down enough to actually learn to obey. The best part is, we got the UTI pills at the vet, but we have to get the ritalin stuff at the actual pharmacy, so Wegmans is going to think I'm absolutely insane when I drop off a prescription for Pancakes [LastName].

While we were there, I noted that Pancakes is way more awesome than a lot of other dogs. I think I saw maybe a dozen dogs go through the waiting room while we were there, and I'd say more than half of them flat-out ignored the owner. Some of them were big dogs, like labs or whatever, and just pulled the owners around whenever they lunged to try to smell something. Pancakes stopped pulling at her leash when I told her to, and didn't lunge anywhere (except she did try once to make a break for it to play with a huge dog who would have eaten her). So, you know, it could be worse, or something. Except I don't like big dogs, because I'm a sissy and at least if my dogs turned on me I'd have a fighting chance because I could throw them, so I wouldn't get a big dog anyway.

Have you ever used doggy ritalin? Also, what's your favorite trick for giving a dog a pill? This is time-sensitive.


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  2. Aah! I didn't mean to delete your comment, Jessica! Stupid blogger has this crazy new layout and I clicked the wrong thing, and I don't know how to undo it. Peanut butter is a good idea, but while I was out yesterday Andy discovered that Pancakes is actually dumb enough to just eat the pill if he put it in with her dinner. Peanut butter or american cheese is my backup plan.