Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fostering: we're certified!

As of 12:32 this afternoon, Andy and I are officially certified foster parents and our home is open for a placement. Woo!

It's seriously weird to think that we could get a call any minute now to take a placement. There was a dude in our very first meeting who got a placement his very first day of certification. We know it's more likely that it will be a while, so we're still hosting our Third Annual Awesome Halloween Party on Saturday, and we're still planning to host Thanksgiving at our house.

I want to paint the ugly nightstand in the guest room/nursery, which will have to wait until after the party this weekend, so it would be kind of cool if we didn't get a placement till after that. Otherwise, I'm set.

Do you dudes have any questions about this shit that I haven't answered yet? 


  1. Congrats!! That's great news!!

  2. Congrats!

  3. Thanks! We're pretty psyched, barring each of us independently going "Oh god, they could give us a kid RIGHT THIS MINUTE" on Wednesday night. Now we play the waiting game!