Friday, October 21, 2011

Fostering: still waiting

We're still not certified.

By all accounts, this is what I should expect from foster care. Our final home visit was great. Our caseworker got our homestudy finished and to us to review within two days. We got it back to her the same day - last Friday. She said she'd turn it in to her supervisor on Monday.

Now, the supervisor is in charge of 17 caseworkers, and is the only person who can sign off on our homestudy so that we can officially be opened for placements. I get that there are things that are a lot more important and urgent than reading a six-page thing about people you've never met. But seriously, how long can it take to flip through it and give it a stamp?

My mom and sister threw us a fucking awesome foster shower a few weeks ago. We have everything we need and a whole lot of stuff we wanted. We could get a kid today and only have to buy clothes and diapers and formula (if the kid is young enough to need 'em). But we have absolutely no control over when that paper gets signed, and no control over how long after that we'll get a kid.

I texted my sister that every time my phone lights up that I'm getting a call (instead of a text), I jump. I pretty much never get actual phone calls, so for a split second each time I think it's the county. I told her I'm irritated at having to wait. The Kid, in a fit of wisdom, pointed out that the universe knows that we throw a really awesome Halloween party and wants to make sure it happens this year too.

I finally got the list of approved daycares in our area, so next week I'll at least have a project to keep me a little busier. I'm going to call around and see if any of the approved places keep an open spot for foster kids, and if they have any availabilities, and if Andy and I can come in to check things out. We like the looks of one place that could be on the way to work for either of us, and found out today that they're on the approved list, so I'll start there.

Any tips on how to be patient when there's no way to know how long stuff will take? Also, any questions about any of this shit?

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