Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I got home from work today and had my grump on, for no good reason. Then I wrote a whole post about all the awesome stuff we got in our CSA share today, and Blogger ate it. Then I made awesome whole-wheat mac and cheese with broccoli for dinner, and for some reason my sauce wouldn't thicken, so basically I made the world's weirdest soup accidentally, plus I had to clean up the giant mess I made while trying to make awesome food and failing. (Note: Andy still ate it with gusto and insisted it was delicious.)

Now my glasses have a smudge from where my eyelashes hit the lens, which happens every fucking day with these glasses and are you freaking kidding me, I've worn glasses since fourth grade and I've never had this happen, so what the fuck, Warby Parker. Also, I am writing this on Andy's giant MacBook, because my precious little netbook, which he got me for my birthday two years ago, is currently out of commission with what the internet says is a really common issue (the little power slide tab thing appears to have broken its spring) and which Samsung is claiming they've never heard of.

All I'm trying to say is, thank god for Honey Brown lager and Netflix.

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