Thursday, August 11, 2011

I don't smell like patchouli, though

Ways I am becoming a weird hippy:

  • I have made my own granola. On purpose.
  • I've been washing my hair exclusively with a solid shampoo bar with natural ingredients (warning: laughably bad website, which a friend is redesigning to be paid in soap and shampoo bars).
    • I don't wash my hair every day. I rinse well, though, so I can assure you that I don't smell.
  • I've been canning stuff. Pickles, peach butter, salsa - and I have a date with a friend who owns a pressure canner to attack a bushel of tomatoes together.
  • I've switched to Tom's of Maine for my toothpaste needs. (I still use hardcore aluminum-salts-may-cause-cancer deodorant, though, because I am not down with pit stains or stink, and I can tell you that every natural-deodorant-wearing hippy I've ever met stinks by the end of the day.)
  • I use lavender Dr. Bronner's soap for myself and will likely buy a giant thing of their unscented stuff for any kid in our care.
  • I switched to all-natural lip balm a few years ago when I realized how much petroleum I was probably ingesting.
  • We are members of a CSA and buy any additional produce from local farmers whenever possible.
  • When we finish up the last of this set of eggs Andy got at Sam's, I'll start stopping on my way home from my weekly CSA run to get a dozen brown eggs from a farmer who happens to live on my route.
  • I listened to part of Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food, but I absolutely hated the narrator so I stopped. I did read all of Food Rules, though.
  • I compost. And recycle. Enthusiastically.
None of these feel at all like a big effort. It's just I didn't realize the extent of how hippie-ish I'd become until pretty recently, so I started making a list. And it kept going.

What hippy things do you do? (I'm considering starting using "natural" cleaners around the house, but don't really believe that anything will work as well as Tilex on our awful hard water!)

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