Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two things to keep you busy

Today's Andy's a groomsman in a wedding, and I volunteered to be the the "last-minute fetcher of things," so the couple didn't have to worry about a bridesmaid going missing while running to the store for band-aids or whatever. So we're already up and dressed and almost ready to head out.

Here are two things to keep you happy:

1. You follow A Cup of Jo, right? Her weekend posts - like this week's - always have a delightful round-up of links. Check them out. She has a great eye for neat stuff.

2. The new video for Cee-Lo Green's "Cry Baby" stars Jaleel White. Yes, Urkel. Well, in the video he's more of a Stephan Urquel, but still. Watch it and enjoy. (It has a dance sequence that I wish I had bothered to learn for the wedding reception today.)

What's keeping you busy on this lovely Saturday?

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