Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fostering: choose your own title

So I finally got around to sorting through the four garbage bags of baby clothes my coworker brought in for me. There is an absolute treasure trove of awesome, cute clothes. It appears that the coworker's grandbabies were the preppiest infants alive, because I stopped counting after eight teeny onesies with polo collars. It's awesome.

I sorted the clothes into boy, girl, and gender-neutral. That way, if we end up with a baby or toddler, I'll be able to grab a bag for whichever sex the kid is, and also a bonus bag of stuff that will work either way! Hooray!

We happened to have an extra huge tote bin thing hanging out in our laundry-room-slash-storage-area, but to get to it I had to move two huge cardboard boxes filled with crap. Irritated, I decided to just sort through those boxes already and get rid of anything I could.

Slight detour in topic: Because we aren't going to specify if we want a boy or a girl, we're going with green to decorate the future kid's room. The room currently has my old twin bed, with my comforter from college, now almost ten years old (holy shit, right?), in reversible pale purple and yellow, and with a pretty sweet hole in the seam near the bottom. The room also has the drapes that were there when we moved in, which are awful cranberry-colored polyester, and which give the room an interesting bordello sort of glow when it's sunny. I've been bugging Andy for weeks to agree that we need a new bedspread, preferably green, and new curtains, either green or a neutral color.

I'm sure you can see where this is going. One of the two giant cardboard boxes was from my sister when she moved from upstate New York to California a few years ago. She got rid of her twin bed, and gave us several sets of twin-size sheets and a twin-size comforter. In green. And when I put that box in the basement, I tossed in some curtains that were hanging in the living room the day we moved in to our house. They're off-white. They are what I would have picked out at the store. I found exactly what I had been imagining for the kid's room in my own freaking basement.

I'm choosing to title this story in my head, "The Universe Provides." I also came up with several alternate titles:
  • We Own Way Too Much Stuff And Can't Keep Track of It All
  • The Laundry Room Is A Disorganized Mess
  • I Have A Terrible Memory And It's Likely I Was Picturing Those Very Items Because I See The Box That Held Them Every Week When I Do Laundry (Okay, Every Three Weeks.) And It's Some Sort of Subconscious Thing
Either way, it's going to save us, like, $50, so that's cool, right?

What title would you go with?

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