Monday, August 1, 2011

Fostering: people give you stuff

I had a whole different post started, but this is a crazy phenomenon that I want to document so I have it on record in case it stops.

When people find out we're becoming foster parents, they give us stuff. No joke.

We were at a yard sale a while back, looking for a crib with stationary sides. The sellers told us we could get a conversion kit, and we were all, "We know, but we're becoming foster parents, and we'd rather just get a stationary-side crib in case the county is weird about stuff." They told us, no exaggeration, six times how awesome it was that we're doing this, and then started handing us stuff. We talked them into taking some money, but they only accepted a dollar ($1! Total!) for a really cute mobile, a diaper bag, and a Boppy pillow with an extra cover.

A coworker of mine sent an email a week or so ago asking if anyone needed a crib, and I told her we have the crib (we got it a month ago, new because no one is selling stationary-side cribs used) but still need a mattress, so if the mattress had only been used on the rare occasions her grandkid had slept over, we'd buy it from her. Turns out the mattress had been promised, but today she brought me an exer-saucer thing (in very excellent used condition), one of those mesh bathtub deals, one of those giant sponge things you use for baths when the baby is super teeny, a baby monitor, and a new carseat with two bases. For free. Wouldn't hear of taking anything for them.

I cannot believe this keeps happening. Do you think I could parlay this into free ice cream or concert tickets?

Anyone hand you stuff and refuse to let you pay for it? How do you handle the thank-yous?

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  1. I just recently found your blog, so I'm about to make it all awkward by commenting on past posts because I'm jumping around your archives... :)

    Yes, we were offered a bunch of stuff and discounts at yard sales that we never meant to get. The really awkward moments are when people offer you stuff that you don't want and have no room for, but they think they're being super nice so you are stuck saying no some crazy difficult way or saying yes and having a giant, unneccesary high chair in your apartment kitchen for months. :)