Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby names

Here we go!

- Cai LaNoi
- Londyn Ny'Drea
- Tessura'e
- Rockie Marie
- Jha'Khi Z'ymire Westly (I could maybe understand Zy'mire. Maybe.)
- Summer Mae Kommer (I rarely print last names, but this is crazy)
- Santana Blade'z
- Graesen (Of all the ways to spell that name, this one is the worst)
- Skylee
- Paetyn (see comment for Graesen)
- Tim'mel
- Addilyn (It just makes me think "addled".)
- Twins named Hudson Dean and Leif Magnus. What?
- Adonis (I just like picturing a really geeky, insecure band kid named Adonis.)
- Twins named Stephan and Stephanie
- Brownlie Avrah
- Jae'ana Ajanae (Her entire name is three letters and an apostrophe.)
- Aryan (How do you not know - or care - about this one's connotation?)
- Sephora
- Samon (I really hope they mean Simone and not Salmon)
- Zayne Eryck

It is going to be so, so hard not to share the name of the kid we end up with. We're either going to get a kid with a name like Zayne Eryck up there, or a kid with a name I just plain am not interested in. I've never really considered any of the names on a top-50 list for any child I get to name, so you know I'm going to end up with a Bella and a Jayden. Ugh.

I'm a judgmental jerk, by the way.


  1. Tessurae is a piece of a mosiac. Also, in the hunger games, it's food the government gives out in return for adding your child's name in an extra time to the drawing for who goes to the hunger games. Neither of which should be the basis for a baby's name. Good thing they added a useless apostrophe, otherwise people might get confused.

    Ohdeargod i just realized that jha'khi is "jackie." that poor, poor, poor child. "um, my name is jackie, spelled "my-parents-are-assholes. Yeah with an apostrophe, where ever you think it should go."

    Also, what's with the lack of daily blogging?

  2. ...I didn't get the "Jackie" until you pointed it out. That's unpleasant. :C

    My last name is a variation of "prostitute" which makes for endless fun! My genes die with me, but it's fun to consider the possibilities!

  3. My experience with inner-city folks suggests to me that "jha'khi" is more likely to be pronounced "juh-KYE", but I really like that you're trying to make this shit make sense. I didn't blog this weekend because it takes a really long time to can a bushel and a half of tomatoes. Duh.

    Jenny, that's truly awesome. My maiden name is French, so it just meant that it was never, ever spelled or pronounced correctly.

  4. HA! I kept going "French"... who would mispronounce "French?"

    ... then it clicked. Know what would have been awesome? Giving a French name an American spelling to go with your former last name, a la "Franswah" or "Zhock" or something silly.

    I've known an Hebert for years, but for some reason last fall I was calling people to remind them to vote when I called a man "Mr. Hee-bert." I felt like such a jerk.

  5. Aryan is effing heinous. Thank god it was followed up by Sephora, which is as amazing as Aryan is horrifying.
    Also I want to name my next pet Franswah.

  6. Franswah. That slays me. One of my idiot coworkers spelled "voila" in an email as "wallah," but I never thought to apply this to names!